Upcoming Fundraiser Sept 22/2018



Join us this September 22, 2018 at the Clarion Hotel!

A committee of great friends and family are organizing a fundraising dinner on Sept 22 to help offset the costs associated with getting Landon to Miami and supporting him while he is there.

The dinner, auction and convo with Landon will be at the Clarion Hotel in Sherwood Park and we would love you to join us.

There are a couple of ticket options:

1. Landon will be in Miami for approximately 310. With medical care, we have estimated that one day will cost $350 (US exchange taken into account). When you sponsor a day with a donation of $350 you receive two tickets to the event for free.

2. Individual tickets $100

3. If you want to enjoy the night with your friends we suggest you purchase a table for $800.

There are only 250 tickets being sold and we anticipate a sell out so get your tickets early.  This will be a night to remember as it will also be the official send off party for Landon. We hope you will join our family and our friends.

Buy tickets: